Value  &  Pricing

We only have one chance to provide an impeccable funeral experience. That's why we're so passionate about doing things well, doing them consistently and never taking for granted the solemn responsibility we've been handed. We are proud of everything we provide for our client families, and we want you to see the tremendous value that we offer at Burns Garfield Life Celebration Home.

Value and Pricing at Burns Garfield Funeral Home

It is our hope and desire that you, our customers and our community members, have a complete understanding regarding the total cost of a funeral service. No two funerals are alike. Traditions, customs, social standing, personal feeling, among other influences affect each funeral.  Many elements of our services are apparent others are not, our hope in providing these explanations will help you better understand the many offerings that we provide to all of our client families. Whether selecting Burial or Cremation options, every family is afforded the same opportunity to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one as they see fit.

We take great pride in the services and value we provide to families and look forward to an opportunity to plan and discuss how we can collaborate with you to create a Celebration of Life experience.

Transfer from the place of Death— We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When the time comes to transfer a loved one from one place to another, we do so with the utmost care and respect. A team of two men with equipment (stretchers, cots) will safely transfer the loved one in a vehicle into the care of our funeral home.

Embalming- Formally educated and licensed funeral directors take care of embalming. We have the facility and professional equipment needed to successfully embalm.

Dressing, Casketing, and Cosmetology – We thoughtfully attend to the deceased making all the preparations necessary to prepare the body for a public or private viewing.

Basic Arrangement Conference- Professional Services. Obtain and file necessary legal documents relating to the death of an individual.

Fixed Overhead including: property taxes, State and Federal Income Tax, Health Care, Mortgage, Workers Comp and Unemployment Insurance , Liability Insurance, Auto Insurance, Utilities, Gas and Electric Heating and Air Condition, Legal and Accounting Services Salaries, Retirement. Capital improvements, Facility upgrades, Technology and websites and much more

Facilities and Supervision- Hourly charges for facilities and staff not included in the fixed overhead. Complete the coordination and completion of arrangements, supervision, and direction of the funeral as planned with the family.

Livery - Hearse, Driver, Gas, Insurance, Maintenance, depreciation, replacement.

Merchandise - Wholesale Pricing

We proudly offer all of our merchandise at the wholesale. The cost of the casket, Vault, Urn, Obituary Notices, Life Celebration Products, Memorial products that you select are passed along directly, no mark ups to increase the profit of the funeral home.

For Example, if you select a Solid Cherry Casket that wholesales for 3200 + Tax you pay 3200 + tax. That same casket could cost anywhere from $5860-$6200 at other funeral homes who advertise on low prices and guarantees. Unfortunately, some community members didn’t realize this until they met with our team. This can be said for all of our products such as a hardwood Veneer casket that you could purchase elsewhere for $3195-$3300, we have it for $1280.

Experience The Difference with these Exclusive Services

Life Celebration Products- We are the area’s exclusive provider of Life Celebration products. These are unique and entirely customized memorial items that help place grieving families on a healing path. We tell the story of your loved one through these items, enhancing the experience and creating healing moments.

Envison System- We are always investing in the most innovative and forward thinking technology to enhance the experience for our client families. Our Envision system is a custom, digital presentation that tells the story of the deceased on the walls of our chapel through a high-resolution projection system.

Our funeral home is the only funeral home in the state of New York with this dynamic system.